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Workers' Comp. Safety and Risk Management

Maintaining a safe work environment is essential for every place of business. Staffpro offers risk management services, assuring our clients that they are in compliance with regulatory requirements.

You can get a better rate on workers compensation through StaffPro because the policies we offer and our "know how" about the policies are not available to you. We tend to handle claims efficiently and know how to root out fraudulent claims that can end up costing big bucks. Savings gained through risk management alone can offset the admin fees paid.

Be Prepared
Worker's Compensation laws and regulations require employers to adhere to strict practices covering a broad range of topics, including handling employee claims and properly implementing and posting safety guidelines.

Failure to properly follow worker's compensation guidelines can result in direct penalties, as well as increased premiums, increased civil liability, and can compromise an employer's ability to secure worker's compensation insurance coverage.

Workers’ Compensation insurance presents a great benefit to both employers and employees alike; however, the lack of proper risk management, education, claims administration and safety management can quickly dilute the benefits for the employer.

StaffPro provides your company with both a proactive and comprehensive approach to effectively managing risks and controlling costs while providing an improved health and safety environment for your employees.

Staffpro - not the client - deals with audits

Clients pay weekly, instead of one lump sum, allowing for cash flow

StaffPro handles claims administration

StaffPro deals with injury notifications and accident investigations

StaffPro assists with OSHA compliance

Safety and risk-management programs: visits and training, at discounted rates