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Creating value for our clients by allowing them to focus on productive functions, while leaving non-productive functions to StaffPro.

The average business spends 36.6% of gross payroll on employee benefits, and another 8.5% on payroll administration.
-- United States Chamber of Commerce statistics
Employers pay an average $4.13 per hour per employee for benefits.
-- Bureau of Labor Statistics
The average manager may spend up to 23% of his/her time on employee-related administrative paperwork.
-- Department of Health and Human Services reported in Small Business Reports

For most companies, payroll and human resources are non-productive functions that consume valuable resources that could be better used to increase your bottom-line.

StaffPro acts as your own Human Resources Department. From payroll processing to benefits and compliance management we handle it all for you, allowing you to refocus members of your staff to productive tasks such as sales, collections or purchasing. Your company can now gain economies of scale AND increased efficiency.

As a business owner, you want to focus your time and energy on what you know best - your business not on the "business of employment."