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StaffPro Online System

On-line time entry
Direct log-in from any desktop with internet access
User friendly interface
Quick time entry of hours
Allocation of time to departments and account
Report hours or dollar amounts for earnings/deductions/reimbursements
Sort time worksheet by department, employee ID or alphabetically
Review past reported hours
Quick review of employee paid leave, job and wage profile during critical time reporting crunch
Easy communication of special payroll circumstances
Multiple levels of access, depending on desired levels of viewing, inputting and submitting parameters

On-line data access

  • Customize reports

  • Request changes to specific data as well as view the status of the request

  • View personnel reports including job status, employment profile and paid leave activity

  • Query detailed payroll reports including invoices, check registers, and department, account and job cost reports

  • Access advanced payroll reports that span single or multiple time periods for all payroll activity, including prior years Provide multiple levels of access for different supervisors to view appropriate data

  • Export data to Excel or as a Comma Separated Value file
  • Employment profile

  • Printable check stubs

  • Printable W-2’s

  • View payroll earnings and deduction details

  • Direct deposit information

  • Tax withholding settings and year-to-date data

  • Benefit plan selection

  • Paid leave status and activity