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Tax Filing Services

We do more than just manage your payroll. We also collect and pay your employer and employee tax obligations each pay period. - We ensure that these payments are made for you quickly and reliably.

Timely and accurate filing of all payroll tax deposits and returns
We protect your company from payroll penalties
We respond to tax agency inquiries
We assume liability for timely deposits and reporting.
We deposit your federal withholding, FICA, FUTA, state withholding, SUI, and disability taxes
We file your quarterly/ annual federal, state, and unemployment returns.

We file your year-end tax forms
We comply with IRS regulations using Electronic Federal Tax Payment Systems (EFTPS)

We comply with state magnetic tape filing requirements

You Want More?
With our extensive tax processing services your business stays compliant with governmental tax requirements. From Federal to local tax filing – we take care of it all

Federal, State and Local Tax Desposit Summaries

Individual Employee Earnings History

Employee W-2 Forms

Federal, State and Local Recaps

1099 Tax Forms

Copies of Federal W-3 Forms and Federal Unemployment 940 Tax Return