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Payroll in a Flash™

Don't Like Waiting
How would you like to receive your payroll instantly after payroll information has been submitted? Well, now you can.

Payroll in a Flash™ delivers payroll reports, check stubs, and even live checks (optional) via the Internet, giving you access to your payroll within minutes after it’s been submitted for processing. Whether you enter your payroll remotely by Internet or desktop, fax your payroll information, or call your payroll specialist directly, Payroll in a Flash™ delivers your payroll securely to your email. You can even arrange for your accountant or a coworker to receive a copy.

By receiving your processed payroll immediately, you have plenty of time to review it to ensure that every employee’s paycheck is accurate—and on those rare occasions when you need to make a change; you can do so without leaving your desk. Just one more way to take care of your employees online. Quarterly and annual files are also available upon request for more secure record storage.

What makes Payroll in a Flash™ so great?

No Delay – Immediate Satisfaction

Automatically email a copy of payroll to an associate

Extra time to review live payroll data before pay day

Eliminate the hassle of paper reports by printing what you need.

Payroll checks can be printed right in your office.